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HB4004: Close Corporate Tax Loopholes

Click here to download a fact sheet about the tax loopholes in HB4004.

How can I help?

Tell Your Legislators to Support the Bill

  1. Find out who your state representative is and how to reach them.
    • Click here, enter your address, and click “Find Address”
    • If it found you, click “Confirm Address.” Your representative’s name will appear.
  2. Call their office and ask for their support.
    • Dial the office number listed. Most likely, a staffer will pick up.
    • Say, “My name is (Your Name) and I’m a constituent of Rep (Their Name). I’m calling to ask them to sign on to House Bill 4004, which would close a billion dollars in corporate tax loopholes.”
    • They’ll thank you for the call, and that’ll be it. But trust us, this stuff matters to your representatives.
  3. If they’ve got an email address listed, send them an email too!
    • Put “Support HB4004” in the subject line
    • Copy and paste the above text, or write whatever you feel.

Get Your Friends in on the Game

Share this link on social media, and email it to your people. No explanation necessary. But here’s some sample text you might use:

Big corporate lobbyists are going to fight hard against this bill. Support the people who have the courage to stand up to them.

  1. Click here to see the list of bill sponsors.
  2. If your rep’s name is on there, thank them! Google their name and find their campaign website — it should have a big “Donate” or “Contribute” button on it somewhere.
  3. Give $1, $5, $10, or whatever you can. And leave a note telling them you’re grateful for their support for HB4004.

Sign Up for Email Updates

State Rep. Will Guzzardi is the bill’s sponsor, and he’ll keep you up to date about the progress of HB4004 as well as other important progressive legislation in Springfield. Visit, and in the “Participate” box, enter your email address and click “Join Us!”